Your Mother-in-law Hates You: What to Do

Published: 03rd March 2011
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You think that it just happens in the movies, but hey you can definitely have a "monster" mother-in-law. She is someone who tries to get in between you and your husband. She just loves to meddle at almost anything and never fails to see something wrong in you.

Nevertheless, since you already belong to the family you have to learn how to deal with her properly. You take note of the following tips:

Assure her.

A lot of these mothers are scared of losing their sons to women they hardly ever know. Perhaps all your mother-in-law needs is a little assurance at your end. Do not wait for a time that she is going to get nasty. The moment you are engaged or getting married, inform her that you are not trying to steal his son away from her.

Do not sweat the small stuff.

Choose the battles you want to fight. Some of them are just too small you can forget about them. Besides, the more you budge, the more you make her feel that you hate her too, and you really do not want that. If she feels that way, she may just fight back all the more.

Address the issues.

Of course, there are things that you need to address as soon as possible before it gets worse. Take time to talk to your mother-in-law. You really cannot expect her to listen to you. In fact, she may deny everything you are going to say. But know that it is enough she knows what you truly feel.

Obtain support from your husband.

This one is very important. Unless your husband acknowledges your feelings and help you deal with the relationship crisis, you will continue living in such difficult situation. There may even come a time you are on the brink of giving up your relationship. Remember that it is his family in the first place. He should be on the lead when it comes to patching things up.

Improve your self-confidence.

Some mothers-in-law like to see their daughters-in-law crumble. In the process you lose your self-esteem. It will then feel like you are at the mercy of her. Do not allow this to happen. Sometimes it gets the best of you, but you can always count on subliminal messages to boost your confidence real quick.

Run the following subliminal messages in your head:

I will not allow her opinion to rattle me.
I know myself better.
I am very much aware of my own weaknesses and strengths.

Avoid the triggers.

There should be some things or scenarios that will usually get her irritated. You should avoid them at all costs to ensure she does not get to speak something about you. You can also minimize clashes within the family.

Distance yourself.

Even if it is ideal for you to build a good relationship with her, it is not a pre-requisite to getting married to her son. Simply put, you should not be obliged. If you do not feel comfortable with her around, then by all means separate yourself from her.

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