When Childbirth Scares You: How to Get Over It

Published: 03rd March 2011
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Perhaps one of the most excited parts of carrying a child is giving birth. After a few hours, you will be able to see your precious bundle of joy. However, not everyone is really excited to go through that phase. Honestly, it can be composed of blood, sweat, and tears, with the blood making the most impression.

Are you scared of childbirth? You may find the following tips extremely helpful:

1. Know what to expect from childbirth. There are plenty of reasons to be worried about giving birth. You may have heard of women who died while on the delivery room. You may also know of those who gave birth to stillborn babies. Itís possible to experience complications.

Nevertheless, there are more success stories than sad ones. If the latter are making you so uncomfortable, then talk to your ob-gyne. She will be the best person to discuss childbirth matters. She can provide you with a much clearer picture of whatís most likely going to happen when itís your time to give birth.

2. Take care of yourself. There will be fewer complications if you try your best to take care of yourself. This means you eat the right types of food, have your regular checkups, and do simple exercises just to keep your muscles toned. Itís also recommended you take a walk when youíre about to give birth, so you wonít have a hard time when the time has already come. There are also pregnancy classes you can attend to, from yoga classes to Lamaze methods.

3. Have your partner with you. A lot of health care professionals are advocating having your partner around when youíre giving birth. He can be a great source of encouragement especially when your apprehension is already on the rise. He can hold your hand as well as coach you into proper breathing. Whatís more, you get to see the newborn baby together.

4. Learn as many things as you can about pregnancy. Ignorance can usually elevate your apprehension and anxiety. Thus, learning as many things as you possibly can about it can reduce the panic greatly. There are hundreds of pregnancy books you can read during your pastime. You can also watch childbirth videos online.

5. Practice visualization. Visualization can help you manage your fear more effectively. You can imagine yourself holding your precious baby in your arms or perhaps you see yourself running after a cute toddler in your yard. You can just anticipate the many activities the family can do together.

6. Use subliminal messages. Subliminal messages have been employed by several pregnant women, and they have worked wonders. Why? Because these subliminal messages can help calm your senses and change your perspective on childbirth. Just focus on the following subliminal messages:

I am looking forward to giving birth.
I am excited to meet my newborn.
I am in good hands with my doctors and nurses.

If youíre going to repeat them, what could possibly happen? You will definitely learn to look forward to your childbirth and be more at ease with the experts.

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