The Subtle Secrets of Subliminal Persuasion

Published: 06th April 2011
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Subliminal programming have always held a certain mysterious image. Although it is becoming more widespread lately, a lot of people still hold it at an armís length. Itís either theyíre not fully willing to believe in its effects, or theyíre a bit apprehensive about using it and what doing so can do in their lives.

But subliminal persuasion, though really effective and powerful, is not some covert hocus pocus. It all revolves around the power of the subconscious mind. By using subliminal persuasion, you are simply using the unbounded capabilities of your mind to its full. Thus, this ability is a fruit of the innate power of our minds. There is nothing wrong to use it to improve our lives. It is only natural that we discover how it works and use it to live life to its full.

And once youíve opened yourself up to its power, you can use subliminal persuasion to your advantage. It can help you make circumstances more favorable to you. Here are some tips on how to apply subliminal persuasion in your daily circumstances to create positive results.

1. Reverse psychology. Reverse psychology is one of the easiest and most effective methods of subliminal persuasion. Unfortunately, a lot of people are now using it, so it has become quite a common concept. People have begun using it so blatantly, and this has reduced its effectiveness since a lot of people immediately recognize reverse psychology when they see it. But this does not mean you can cross it out when youíve got some persuading to do.

Reverse psychology uses the power of subliminal persuasion, so you can still count on its power to persuade. The secret, however, is to use it in a subtle way. Even if you use the same reverse psychology scripts, just say them in a way that completely hides the fact that you are using a persuasion technique. When used correctly, it can still achieve surprising effects.

2. Arranging coincidences. A coincidence is another powerful tool you can use for subliminal persuasion. A lot of people donít really believe in coincidences anymore, but a lot of people still do. And there is also a great number of people who think theyíre not believers but find themselves still swayed when they do come across a rather surprising one. Seeing connections between events and finding meaning in them can still be quite persuasive.

So if you want to persuade someone, you may use coincidences to do so. The question is, how can you do this? After all, you canít really make coincidences happen; otherwise, they wonít be coincidences anymore. Well, you can make coincidences seem to happen by creating and arranging circumstances and events, but in a subtle way so as not to reveal that they happen by intention.

3. Enlist peopleís senses. Speech can be a blatant persuasion tool, so if you want to persude a bit more subtly, why donít you target the other senses? For example, plant a suggestion in someoneís mind by using a perfume that will remind that person of something related to what you want.

4. Calling a person by his first name. Do you know that the simple act of calling a person by his first name is already an effective subliminal persuasion technique? Thereís no scientific proof on why this works, but it really does. Some believe doing so helps make requests more personal, so he or she feels more involved and becomes more motivated to act on it.

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