The Power To Influence People’s Minds - Make Someone Like You Through Subliminal Messages

Published: 18th February 2011
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Subliminal messages are no longer unknown because of their powerful effect on the mind, which even experts do not deny, as well as its widespread use in various aspects of life, from personal growth and development, profit growth, sales and marketing, and so on. But the question is, if subliminal messages are powerful enough to change your life by changing your own thoughts, is it powerful enough to change other people's minds or influence other people's decisions?

As an example, can you actually make someone like you through subliminal messages?

The answer is yes, and this is the reason why subliminal messages are considered quite controversial. But there is a very thin line between the use of subliminal messages and brainwashing or manipulation, and you should be aware of this difference between these two.

You can make someone like you through subliminal messages not by planting thoughts in their head so they would instantly like you. Their response or feelings toward you will undergo a normal rational process even if you don't use these hidden messages on them. It's one of the most breathtaking and amazingly magical thing you have ever experienced. There aren't words to describe THIS -- you need to experience it first hand to even begin to know how powerful you really are.

This is because these messages communicating with the subconscious mind can make someone like you, not by manipulation, but by improving certain areas of your personality and helping make you simply irresistible in the eyes of other people. To be more specific, getting someone to like you using subconscious communication is done by:

1. Making you ooze with more confidence and esteem. Subliminal messages can help boost your self confidence and self esteem. And as they say, confidence sells! By making you more confident, people will feel a more vibrant positive energy emanating from you and they get attracted to this energy.

2. Remove social barriers in your personality. People can get easily traumatized by negative experiences they have when they deal with other people. For example, when a person reaches out to others and get disappointed with some people's behavior, this can turn into a full blown skepticism and doubt about human nature in general. In other words, their past negative dealings with other people tend to make them believe that all people are the same and are not worth getting to know. Thus, they put up fences around themselves, fences built of negative experiences and feedback they receive from society.

When this happens, only subliminal messages, which are the only tools that can communicate with the subconscious, can remove embedded beliefs and ideas about human nature and can change people's negative perception of society into a more positive outlook. By removing these social barriers and phobia, subconscious messages can help you form better and deeper relationships with other people so they will find it easier to like you.

3. Make you more attractive, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Good vibes go a long way in making someone like you. And you can only emanate good vibes if you are healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. Subliminal messages can help you feel more comfortable in your own skin, can relax and clear the mind, and can calm down the nerves and keep your emotions in check. This way, you will come out as a fully composed person who is easy to like and to get along with.

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