Stop Hunching Your Back – Correct Posture Problems With Subliminal Programming

Published: 06th April 2011
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Do you often find yourself with your back hunched over without any recollection of actually doing it? You may be developing a rather unsightly and unhealthy posture. Hunching your back is one of the surest signs of an incorrect posture, and it can be very unhealthy and unsafe for your back and even for the rest of your body.

So if you find yourself developing the habit of a hunched back, here are some tips to develop a better posture.

1. Relieve your stress. Sometimes, you don’t notice it but stress may actually make you hunch your back unconsciously. Stress causes muscle tension, and the area most prone to it is the upper back area. The tendency of the body is to hunch over to prevent the back from aching.

So if you notice that you hunch over when you get stressed, that means there’s a lot of tension in your back. Try to relieve your stress by getting a massage or lying down to just relax and take a rest. Straighten your back and take deep breathing exercises as well.

2. Reprogram your posture in your subconscious. One of the most effective natural ways to correct your posture problem is to reprogram your posture in your subconscious mind. Why the subconscious? Well, don’t you just find yourself with your back hunched over even if you don’t consciously do it? This is proof that you do not have conscious control over your posture. Your posture is a behavioral and habitual body movement. Like all behavior and habits, this springs from the subconscious mind. So that’s where you need to change it.

So how can you access the subconscious to reprogram your posture? You can do so by sending subliminal messages to your subconscious mind. These messages can be delivered by subliminal audio or video. Once embedded in your subconscious, they start to change your behavior and habit from within.

If you aren’t familiar with subliminal messages, here are some examples that you can use:

Good posture comes naturally to me.
My back is straight.
My posture is excellent.
I stand with confidence.
I am constantly aware of my posture.
My back is free from tension.

3. Boost your confidence. Some people also unconsciously hunch their back as a result of their naturally shy nature. One way to prevent a hunched back is to boost your confidence. With more confidence, you will not feel the need to make yourself be smaller or seem to disappear. This way, you will be able to stand taller without anything to be embarrassed or shy about.

4. Focus on the benefits of good posture. Motivate yourself to keep from hunching your back by focusing on the perks that good posture will bring you. Here are some benefits of having a straight and confident back:

• You will maximize your full height.
• Blood flow throughout your body will improve.
• Your internal organs will get enough oxygen and blood, and will thus function properly.
• You will feel healthier.
• You will be healthier.

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