How to Effectively Manage Household Chores

Published: 03rd March 2011
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These days 24 hours seem to be not enough to accomplish everything you have to do so the entire day. If youíre working full time, you have to spend around 8 to 9 hours a day, sometimes longer. When you go home, you need to take care of your household chores. If you have kids, it becomes much harder since you have more people to take care of.

It is not surprising therefore if you find yourself getting burned out and too tired to accomplish even your household chores. Nevertheless, you should also know there are ways to make things more comfortable. Consider the following:

1. Learn to schedule. When youíre faced with a lot of tasks besides tending the home, itís only right to come up with a good scheduleóand make sure that youíre going to stick to it.

2. Prioritize. There are actually certain chores that you donít have to do every day. For example, you can consider having your laundry every other day or twice a week. Gardening can be accomplished during the weekends. You can change the linens once a week or every two weeks. In the Internet you can download a form that you can use to help you schedule and prioritize your list of chores.

3. Ask others to help you. If you have children, you can train them to be responsible at early point in life by delegating simple household tasks to them. You may help you whip those ingredients or set the table. You can teach them how to arrange their beds on their own. In fact, you can ask your husband to help around the home, especially during the weekends. He can take care of repairs and maintenance.

4. Consider hiring a cleaner. There are several cleaners that are ready for serve you. You can definitely find one whose rates fit your budget. You can call them whenever you really donít have a lot of time to take care of your home. On the other hand, you are able to provide a source of livelihood for someone.

5. Put things into their proper places. Itís interesting how much time you can save just by returning the items into their right places. Magazines should be back on racks. Return to dressers the wardrobes you havenít utilized. Place unclean dresses into the laundry bins.

6. Enjoy. One of the reasons why you feel so tired when it comes to cleaning is you never really associate household chores with enjoyment. They are tasks too burdensome to handle. Learn to enjoy them. You may play upbeat music while cleaning.

7. Encourage yourself. You can use subliminal messages to help you motivate yourself into cleaning. Subliminal messages may be affirmations, such as "I am proud to live in a clean home" or "I can provide a clean environment for my family" can definitely encourage you to be more effective in cleaning. You can speak the subliminal messages at least a few hours before cleaning or even while youíre doing it.

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