How to Attract Her through Subliminal Messages Ė Four Easy Steps

Published: 01st March 2011
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Eyeing that girl across the bar? Donít waste time thinking twice. Do you know that you can attract any woman you want if you know how to take advantage of the power of your mind?

Hereís how to attract women Ė any woman Ė in just 4 easy steps.

1. Identify the problem. Itís easy to feel confident at times; whatís difficult is to sustain this confidence. The mind absorbs influences like a sponge. In the middle of an effort to attract women, your subconscious may start rediscovering old thoughts hidden in your mind. You may remember all your unsuccessful attempts to attract women, all the rejections, all the fears, and so on. That can totally ruin your game.

Once you identify the factors that keep you from confidently walking up to the lady of your choice, you can counteract them. And if theyíre too strong, itís time to take out the best pick-up lines ever.

2. Learn the Best Pick-Up Lines. So if you canít seem to successfully attract the woman of your desires with plain conscious effort, itís time to attract her through subliminal messages. These are the best pick-up lines you can ever use, and theyíre not targeted at her. These messages are targeted at your subconscious, the one telling you that you cannot attract women. Now, with subliminal messages, your subconscious can tell you otherwise.

Instead of thinking you canít or you just donít have it in you, start thinking along these lines:

I am an attractive man.

I am bursting with confidence.

I achieve my goals with determination and perseverance.

I am worth it.

I welcome success.

I accept only victory in my challenges.

I deserve good things in my life.

3. Make your mind the magnet. The most effective way to attract women is to embody the personality traits and characteristics most women, in general, get irresistibly attracted to. Once you develop these traits and characteristics, no woman will be able to resist you. You might think, "but itís hard to just instill new traits in your personality; after all, you are who you are." Wrong! Proponents of the law of attraction would tell you that "you are what you think."

Filling your mind with positive thoughts will make it a powerful girl magnet. If you start thinking positively, you will be more confident. Your mind will project such powerful positive vibes that women will be instantly attracted, and they wonít even know what hit them.

4. Buy a subliminal DVD for attracting women. If you want to drive the point across with more impact, get yourself a subliminal DVD for attracting women. Subliminal DVDs many contain music or videos, whichever you prefer, that you can simply listen to or watch. While listening or watching, your subconscious will be picking up and absorbing hidden messages embedded in the audio or video. You wonít even know it but after listening or watching, new positive thoughts will have set up shop inside your mind, preparing you for your next encounter with a girl you want to attract.

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