3 Top Subliminal Products for Your Computer

Published: 06th April 2011
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Are you looking for subliminal products that can help you build a new mindset, a new lifestyle, a new personality – basically, a new you? Well, there are quite a lot to choose from these days. The subliminal self development industry has grown dramatically over the past few years that it is now considered a million dollar industry. Products of all sorts are being created in order to help all individuals to take advantage of the full benefits of the subliminal technology in self development and personal improvement.

If you don’t have a lot of free time because of your work and if you spend most of your time in front of the computer, there are plenty of subliminal products that you can install on your computer so your personal development project can continue even while you’re working. Here are some examples:

1. Subliminal Flash Program. The Subliminal Flash programs are programs that flash hidden messages and affirmations on your computer screen while you’re working. This way, you can work nonstop but still feed your subconscious mind with many positive subliminal messages. The improvement of your mind never stops.

The programs allow you to select from many preset affirmations and also allow you to create your own ones. The point is, you don’t even have to do anything or exert any effort other than just to install the program and leave it on.

So whatever your goals are, you can work towards them while you’re busy earning money on your computer. And even if you take some time to play some computer games, you will still be receiving the affirmations continuously. Since repetition and continuity is crucial for subliminal messages to really work, there is now no longer any reason for the messages not to work in your life.

According to feedback, these computer-based flash programs can start having obvious effects on your life after just 5 to 10 days of usage. And after 30 to 60 days of usage, they can start achieving their biggest desires.

2. Subliminal Blink Program. The subliminal Blink program is a program that gets you to subconsciously blink your eyes when you’re working nonstop on your computer. Blinking is like respite for tired eyes. If you focus too much on your computer, however, you tend to forget blinking. Thus, your blink rate reduces, which means your eyes get tired more easily.

So with this innovative new subliminal product, you will be subconsciously commanded to blink regularly so that you will not suffer from eye strain when you need to work on your PC for a long time.

3. Subliminal Videos. It is also good to have a stock of subliminal videos in your computer. According to studies, people who work nonstop all day have lower productivity levels than those who take short breaks from working. These short breaks may be spent on your computer, like surfing the Internet, engaging in social networking, and so on. Well, here’s the perfect and most beneficial form of "short break" you can have while working: just watch any of the subliminal videos you’ve got on your hard drive. The videos take less than 5 minutes to watch and will surely give you the much-needed boost and empowerment you need to ace through all your tasks.

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